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Throughout most of Jewish history, our synagogues were loosely organized units that were strengthened and sustained at times by the dedication of a few individuals — and at other and less frequent times by the good graces of benevolent governments.

Synagogue affiliation as the conscious and voluntary act of the individual who participates in the support of maintenance of a congregation, is actually a recent innovation in Jewish life. In many ways, it is a consequence of the separation of church and state and an affirmation of the responsibility we all now share to take a part and play a roll in sustaining the community as a whole.

The weight of this responsibility is all the more critical given the enormous variations and vicissitudes of Jewish life. During the last 150 years, Jews have suffered the slings and arrows of existence as has no other people on the face of the earth — a consequence of expulsions, migrations, persecutions and worse — and then the re-establishment of the State of Israel in our ancient homeland. The challenges we face are unlike those of any other people: the preservation of a spiritual and cultural heritage that is ultimately the cornerstone of western civilization. 

This is why overt and active synagogue affiliation is critical in the life of our community. It is only the collective will of the entire community that can sustain the synagogue as the beacon-light for all Jewish activity, on behalf of the collective and of the individual. Throughout the ages, it has been the synagogue that stands ever ready to respond to the needs of each and every soul, strengthening our commitment to the task of tikkun middot — the perfection of our inner selves — and tikkun olam — the perfection of God’s world.

What Membership Offers

Founded in 1974, Congregation Beth Shalom has a long and distinguished history of service both to the Jewish people and to the general community.

Our programs are multidimensional and include not only a worship experience that is unique in Jewish life but also activities that are social, educational and communal in nature.

Most significant is the fact that we are a Reform congregation and that we take with great seriousness what we feel is a special responsibility to meet a wide variety of individual needs on a very personal level. Guided by tradition on the one hand, but not bound by it on the other, we offer avenues of approach to Jewish life and ritual in a manner that seeks to support, sustain and strengthen the personal feelings, as well as the collective commitment of our membership.

Ultimately, our mission is to take the individual spark of every one of our members and to transform it into a warm and exciting flame of Jewish learning and Jewish living.

How to Become a Member

We certainly hope you will get to know us through many of the services, activities, and classes that CBS offers.

Please call our Temple at 916-485-4478 or email to arrange a tour of our facility or to obtain membership information.

We look forward to meeting you!
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