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At Congregation Beth Shalom, rich learning programs for all ages are thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of our community members. 






                       Education for Children and Teens

Neshama Education Program

"The heart and soul of Jewish learning"

pre-k through 12th grade

                                 A little about our program

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The Neshama education program is committed to Jewish learning that is relevant, inspirational and transformative. We provide our students and their families with the tools to participate meaningfully in the Jewish community, with pride in their Jewish heritage and with the awareness that their actions will shape the future of the Jewish people.

Our Program

Focuses on upbeat teachings to provide a heart-based understanding of Judaism in a fun environment

 Relies on active learning principles that utilize discussion, movement, team projects, family, art, music and more

Groups children across an age continuum to allow for peer learning and development of diverse friendships

Provides opportunities for children and teens to practice tikkun olam and to expand their learning by exploring the community at large

Engages the whole family as means to build a strong congregational community for children

Offers Hebrew language learning in a flexible, personalized format such as online and onsite tutoring session


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