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Religious School

Congregation Beth Shalom                           


The Heart And Soul Of Jewish Education



Our Vision

Our education program’s vision is to provide an environment where each child’s soul and abilities are celebrated. We aim to nurture our children’s and teen’s love for Jewish learning of our history, traditions and Hebrew language so that they integrate Jewish values for a life of kindness and fulfillment.

Our Program

Focuses on upbeat teachings to provide a heart-based understanding of Judaism in a fun environment

Relies on active learning principles that utilize discussion, movement, team projects, family, art, music and more

Groups children across an age continuum to allow for peer learning and development of diverse friendships

Provides opportunities for children and teens to practice tikkun olam and to expand their learning by exploring the community at large

Engages the whole family as means to build a strong congregational community for children

Offers Hebrew language learning in a flexible, personalized format such as online and onsite tutoring session

Program Schedule



Hebrew Weekday Tutoring


10:30-11:30 am/once per month


Preschool - Kinder

9:30-12 noon


1st - 2nd Grade

9:30- 12 noon


3rd Grade

9:30-12 noon

Once per month, choice of 1hr session:

Monday, Tuesday online

Wednesday, Thursday on-site

(times to be determined)

4th - 6th Grade

9:30-12 noon

Choice of one or more 1hr sessions:

Monday, Tuesday online

Wednesday, Thursday on-site

(times to be determined)

7th Grade*

9:30-12 noon

B’nai Mitzvot work individually with the Rabbi during the week

8th - 12th Grade**





10:30-12 noon / once per month on-site


10:30- 12 noon /once per month off-site


* Children 7th through 12th grade have opportunities to develop leadership skills as a Madrich/a.

**10th Grade Confirmation Class meets with Rabbi at various times depending on activities.

Annual Tuition Cost

  • Toddlers $250                                                     
  • Pre - K – 1st- 2nd Grade $375
  • 3rd Grade $400
  • 4th – 6th Grade $750
  • 7th Grade / B’nai Mitzvah $375
  • 8th – 12th Grade / Teen Group $350
  •   3rd – 6th Grade -
  • Shalom School students and Hebrew-proficient children who opt-out of weekday tutoring pay only $375                                                                                                                      CBS member sibling discount: 5% off for 2 children, 10% off for 3 children, 15% off for 4 or more children                                                                                                                                                     
  • Early-bird registration and full payment by May 31: 10% off                                                               
  • Refer-a-friend/family: 5% off   
  • Full tuition payment by September 12: 5% off                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Unaffiliated families charged an additional $50 per student                                                               
  • Inquire about need-based scholarships—no child should miss an opportunity to have a Jewish education!

Key Dates

  • Enrollment begins May 1st, 2020
  • Enrollment remains open year-round (tuition fee is prorated if the student starts later in the year)
  • First day: Sunday, September 13th, 2020
  • Last day: Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Jewish learning is not only about the child but rather is a whole-family experience. Thus, Congregation Beth Shalom offers meaningful ways for every member of the family to connect with Judaism in every stage of life. Learning is not only about what happens in school but throughout our daily lives. Therefore, what we do in the classroom must matter to us in our homes, as we worship and in all the places we go.

Beth Shalom's Religious School is committed to Jewish learning that is relevant, inspirational and transformative. We provide our students and their families with the tools to participate meaningfully in the Jewish community, with pride in their Jewish heritage and with the awareness that their actions will shape the future of the Jewish people.
Educating the Jewish youth of Congregation Beth Shalom is a journey that begins at the earliest ages. There are wonderful opportunities for our youngest congregants to learn the beauty of Judaism. Rabbi Nancy Wechsler and Education Director, Benjamin Yudin, take an active role in helping to establish a foundation of quality Jewish education that is prevalent throughout the school years for the children at Beth Shalom.  
Students in kindergarten through seventh-grade experience a wide variety of educational opportunities throughout their school years. Our students enjoy coming to Religious School and being Jewish. Our teachers are chosen because they are good role models and adults who value and cherish their own Jewish identity. Students learn not only facts and tangible subject matter, but also have the chance to explore their values, identities, and feelings. One of our chief objectives is to help students learn to celebrate their Jewish identity.


For more information about our education program and religious school, please contact our education department at 916.485.4478 or email our office at



For more information please contact our Director of Education, Benjamin Yudin at


Tue, April 7 2020 13 Nisan 5780