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"The heart and soul of Jewish learning"

Neshama Education Program

Toddler & pre-k through 12th grade



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Jewish learning is not only about the child but rather is a whole-family experience. Thus, Neshama offers meaningful ways for every family member to connect with Judaism in every stage of life. Learning is not only about what happens in school but throughout our daily lives. Therefore, what we do in the classroom must matter to us in our homes, as we worship, and in all the places we go.

 The Neshama education program is committed to Jewish learning that is relevant, inspirational, and transformative. We provide our students and their families with the tools to participate meaningfully in the Jewish community, with pride in their Jewish heritage, and with the awareness that their actions will shape the future of the Jewish people.


Educating the Jewish youth of our congregation is a journey that begins at the earliest ages. There are wonderful opportunities for our youngest congregants to learn the beauty of Judaism. Rabbi Nancy Wechsler and our Education Director take an active role in helping to establish a foundation of quality Jewish education that is prevalent throughout the school years for the children at CBS.

  Students in kindergarten through seventh-grade experience a wide variety of educational opportunities throughout their school years. Our students enjoy participating in Neshama activities and events and enjoy being Jewish.
Our teachers are chosen because they're good role models and adults who value and cherish their own Jewish identity. Students learn facts and tangible subject matter but also have the chance to explore their values, identities, and feelings.
One of our chief objectives is to help students learn to celebrate their Jewish identity.

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