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Thank you for a successful 44th Annual CBS Food Faire


The numbers are in and our Food Faire, co-chaired by Dev Berger and Kathy Zwern, was a financial and culinary success.

People who bought items took the time following the event to write us emails, send cards, and phone the office to say how much they appreciated the quality of the food, the dedication of the volunteers in the rain, and the organization of the distribution. So many people helped during the past months and we appreciate every person’s contribution. As one person said after volunteering, it was worthwhile not only financially, but in getting to make new friends and recreating our sense of community.

For the financial aspect of our 2nd Drive-Up Food Faire, the gross revenue was $28,743 compared to $27,826 last year. The expenses this year were $10,501 and last year they were $10,505. The fundraising revenue for this year was $18,242 and last year the net income was $17,321. So a big THANK YOU goes to members and friends who purchased items and to our sponsors, who help make this such a success.

The list of our sponsors is included one more time at the end of this email so that you can thank them when you visit their business or see them at services.

Thank you for all your do to support CBS with your time, talents and treasures… we are all part of the Terumah team.

Bob Bennett, president

Mayor Darrell Steinberg  
SaveMart Grocery
Pomopolis Farms - Michael Polis 
Albert Einstein Residence Center
Sonoma Brinery
Mansour's Oriental  Rug Gallery
Grocery Outlet
Holly Ilfield & Bob Bennett
Assembly Member Ken Cooley
Lind Brothers Funeral Home
Nancy & Brad Pollock
Varano Family
Kneitel/Seiden Families
State Controller Betty Yee 
Dev Berger
Michael Howard
MPG - Messenger Publishing Group
Naomi & John Rice




Fri, March 31 2023 9 Nisan 5783